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I have a ppsx file with images that I want usable in other environments than office suites: it would be perfect having them as separate images. I could then use them directly; or create a pdf from them (I find easy converting images to pdf and extracting images from pdf). Or may it is possible to convert the ppsx file into pdf with a command or GUI?

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A general solution for all documents supported by LO can be found here:… – Glutanimate Mar 22 '13 at 23:14
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LibreOffice supports exporting of presentations to pdf format.

All you have to do is open the presentation in Libreoffice (Impress, the PowerPoint equivalent), then go to File > Export to PDF.

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  1. In LibreOfficeImpress Click Ctrl+P

  2. then from options tab select print to file

  3. after that make you settings of how file must look like from page layout tab.

  4. click print to file button at the bottom of dialogue box.

  5. Enter name of file (any name you want).

  6. Hurra you are up.

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