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How do I get a UDF hard drive partition to mount at boot? From what I can figure, mountall runs before the udf module loads.

Specifically: do PREREQ specifications in initramfs-tools hooks only specify other hooks, or can they specify modules without hooks files? If the answer to this is that they can specify modules I think the solution to the greater problem will be to add a conditional PREREQ to hooks/mountall of udf if the udf module is available.

Currently I have a UDF partition on my hard drive specified in /etc/fstab, and boot hangs with "drive not yet ready or not present". If I specify "nobootfail" in /etc/fstab, the boot completes without mounting the partition. Since the end goal is to have the UDF partition be /home, this is a problem...

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UDF filesystems is compatible for fstab settings, AFAIK. Can you make sure you edited fstab correctly. Might as well add it to your question. – oaskamay Mar 22 '13 at 3:24
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I've found the base problem and a workaround. The problem is that the udf kernel module will not load during the initramfs phase of boot (it's supposed to even by default but doesn't even if explicitly specified); the workaround is to specify option _netdev on the udf filesystem line in fstab.

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