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Whenever I use sudo apt-get install packagename, it will start installing. I will type "Y" when prompted then this will pop up:


TrueType core fonts for the Web EULA




Why does this happen?

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That screen shot is very low resolution and hard to see. It would be helpful to post one with the text visible. – Another Googler Mar 21 '13 at 20:37

Apt is displaying the license agreement for the package that you are installing. I'm guessing that either you are installing the msttcorefonts package or something that requires the installation of that package like wine, playonlinux, etc. Apt is doing a good thing here, making you aware and agree to the license that the software for this particular package is covered by.

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I agree with @Mordoc.

msttcorefonts is a copyright protected package outside of Ubuntu's licensing agreement (logically, as it is from Microsoft)

Most of what is in the apt-cache (can be installed via apt-get or Ubuntu Store) has been licensed to allow Ubuntu users to install it by the developers.

However, just because you can install something via apt-get doesn't mean it is freely licensed, as djeikyb commented. Some things that can download can be from a non-free repository (where apt downloads the programs from) and thus you can have to agree to an agreement (even though it's in the apt-cache).

Other things, like programs you download from outside (eg...msttcorefonts) may have different licensing agreement.

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@djeikyb Done. Thanks for the pointer! – RPi Awesomeness Dec 30 '13 at 15:23

After being unable to proceed from the EULA, scouring these boards for a solution, getting frustrated; I ended up hitting the "tab" button in a fury, which highlighted the "Ok" button, then prompted me to agree or disagree. After that, terminal resumed its normal function. Cheers!

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The screenshot is low quality, but I think it's a Microsoft licence of Truefont. It's basicly telling you what you can and can't do with this piece of software. If you want to continue, you'll have to accept the licence(by pressing space)

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