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I have Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop installed, but disabled the start of X, because I do > 99 % of my work in a terminal. However, I have found out that the "Linux" terminal is unable to display Kanji. I have tried installing ttf-takao and ttf-takao-mincho, but my terminal won't display them.

Note: Interestingly, when starting xterm on X, it doesn't show them either, even though my locale is set to "de_AT.UTF-8".

  • Is there any way to display them in my terminal?

For clarification: The question was how to display them in a non-X terminal, not xterm. The note was just to give additional info

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FYI - the "non-X terminal" is called a console. – bodhi.zazen Mar 21 '13 at 18:34
I know, but some users see "Console" and "Terminal" as the same. I just wanted to make things 100 % clear – MechMK1 Mar 21 '13 at 18:41

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