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I've done some searching, without luck. (its hard when you don't know what your question is and English is not your first language)

My ubuntu 12.10 is booting up in "low-graphic mode" all "executable" options leads to a flashing but unresponsive prompt(scroll/num/caps-lock is dead) pressing pwr-button will cause a "normal" system-reboot in most of these options. "exit to console"-will not. pwr-button for a "hard" restart.

what is my options to get my system back? (reinstall is an option, just not something i want,even if i would like to install 12.04^^)

ps. possible troublemakers could be my... started setting up systemvpn, but did not complete config. ("NOVPN" in yellow text when rebooting) something went wrong when i installed/removed gnome3 my monitor is in fact EOL(takes some time for it to find its correct source, way past boot initz, x-configure is identifying it correctly thou)

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Please see how to fix the system is running in low graphics mode. –  user76204 Mar 21 '13 at 18:02

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