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I've got some trouble with my setup. Fresh installation of ubuntu 12.10 with the latest kernel. Ubuntu only enables one of my network cards.

I'm using a ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe motherboard, with latest BIOS. This motherboard has 2 built-in network cards, one Marvell (88E8001) and one Nvidia (CK804 ? )

The Nvidia nic is working out-of-the-box, but the Marvell nic does not load properly. THe module is there (skge, as I understand it) but when I type lshw -c network it says *-network:0 UNCLAIMED.

I've tried downloading the latest driver from marvell's site (sk98lin) but that seems to be for a too old kernel (2.4 something). Anyway, I get an error when trying to install it with something about the driver being for the wrong kernel.

Even when I try a PCI 3com 3c905b TX (with driver 3c59x) lshw -c network says UNCLAIMED.

I've had 2 3com 3c905b cards installed in this motherboard before, running just fine. My rig is, a soon to be, gateway. Been using ipcop before (with the same 3com nic's)

lspci shows the cards (nvidia, marvell and 3com) lshw -c network shows both marvell and 3com unclaimed lsmod shows the necessary drivers for marvell (skge) and 3com (3c59x) (or modules one might say?)

Update: I've managed to install sk98lin from marvell's download section, sudo modprobe sk98lin works fine but dmesg | grep sk98lin says sk98lin: HWInit (1) failed.

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Were you able to get this working? I too am having an issue getting my network card working in 13.04 –  John Crawford Nov 29 '13 at 15:00

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