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As everybody knows you can create a new profile by the menu where you get asked which existing profile should be the parent for your new profile and so on. But how should I create a new profile by the command line?

Should I read every existing value from the default profile via gconftool and set them again under a new name or is there any better solution? If the answer is yes: Do I have to pay attention for the new profile name? The new ones are always called Profile0, Profile1, Profile2 etc.

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You can not create a new profile, but you can dump your current configuration, using gconftool-2, modify it and load it.

gconftool-2 --dump '/apps/gnome-terminal' > gnome-terminal-conf.xml
## Modify the file here.
gconftool-2 --load gnome-terminal-conf.xml

Remember that it only returns the non-default values (or what gconf detects as non-default) so, the resultant file could not be complete.

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Simple. Use:

File->New Profile on your terminal.

See here for further details.


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