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I have installed virtualbox 4.1.18 on ubuntu 12.10 and I hosted windows xp.

I want to share a folder between Ubuntu and Windows XP.

I have installed guest additions on the guest machine, and then when I'm trying to acces the shared folder, I couldn't find them anywhere.

So, where can I acces those shared folders ?

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Have you read this guide: Shared folders

The process of creating a shared folder is well explainded in this guide. In short: 1) In your VM properties set a shared folder on host machine. 2) Boot the guest machine and run the following command:

net use x: \\vboxsvr\share

where x - is the name of the drive with virtual folded. You may leave it as is, and share - is the name of the folder you've created on host machine.

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This doesn't work, at least on Ubuntu Mate 15.04 it doesn't. mount: unknown filesystem type 'vboxsf' mount: unknown filesystem type 'vboxfs' – Insperatus Aug 19 at 18:56

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