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Can I create a custom Plymouth Boot splash?
I like the current one (at least I did before it broke) but I would like to try to make my own.

Is this possible, or am I trying something only super-duper-power-users-developing-at-Canonical dudes should try?

EDIT: - New Info
I believe I may have some broken links with Plymouth. Maybe this will help?

EDIT-2: - Useful Post
How to Roll Back to Original Plymouth Splash
This is basically what I'm getting, but how do I fix the links.

My Exact error:
update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /lib/plymouth/themes/orange because link group default.plymouth is broken.
update-alternatives: warning: not replacing /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth with a link.

When I run this command:
nate@texno-Satellite-A105:/lib/plymouth/themes$ ls -l default.plymouth
I get this:
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nate nate 233 Oct 14 18:29 default.plymouth

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This should still be valid:… – Rinzwind Mar 19 '13 at 19:22

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