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I'm attempting to use the LyZ plugin for Zotero and LyX and it requires the LyX server to be present.

I've looked on the LyX wiki for information and it makes reference to and .lyxpipe.out but these are not present when I install LyX from the Ubuntu repository.

What are these files and how can they be created?

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The English version of the LyZ page has some instructions for this, which I assume are the requirements. Here's how to set the path you need :

Go to Tools > Preferences > Paths
In the LyXServer pipe field, enter ~/.lyx/lyxpipe and save.

Here's the preferences screen. You'll want to edit the field highlighted in orange.

enter image description here

After this, restart LyX.

EDIT: Just to state what may not be the obvious - make sure that this path is the same as in the Zotero pane, Lyx dropbown box > Settings... > Lyx Server.

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Thanks! I think the problem I was having was that I thought the LyXServer pipe had to point to a specific file or folder. I didn't know that you could point it to any folder – hellocatfood Apr 1 '11 at 0:02

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