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I would like to be able to change the priority of the SuperTuxKart process to a higher one so that it will run with less lag. It is quite easy to do on Windows (you just need the administrator password/account) but it's basically impossible in Ubuntu.
I tried gksu gnome-system-monitor and sudo gnome-system-monitor but both gave me processes for the root account, not mine (an administrator account).

Any help I can get is appreciated!

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changing a process' priority...

from the gui:

Run the system monitor as root with

gksu gnome-system-monitor  

Then under the "view" menu move the radio button to "All processes"

enter code here

Then you will see all users processes and can change their priority.

from the command line:

First find your processes PID (Process ID) with pidof like so:

pidof name-of-process  

It will return the PID of the given process, usually a four to five character number. Then run

renice priority processes-PID  

Replacing priority with the priority you want (-20 being the highest and +20 being the lowest) and process-PID with the PID you got earlier.

renice is used to change the priority of a running process, if you want to start a process and change it's priority you use nice.

nice priority name-of-process

Replacing priority with the priority you want and name-of-process with the name of the process you want to start.

Note: In order to give a process a negative priority you must have root access.

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When you have opened the System Monitor with gksu, you can set it to show processes from all users by selecting "View -> All Processes".

After that, you should see your own processes as well as the system processes. Editing their priority should work fine as well.

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Thanks a lot! This worked great! – RPi Awesomeness Mar 18 '13 at 21:33
You're welcome! :) – Unksi Mar 18 '13 at 21:36

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