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I am building a video-mix-server and need a Capture-Card, that captures video in 25FPS at PAL-Resolution from Analog Input devices (min. 4 ones)

I found some cards with the Techwell TW6805A chipset, that are effordable. (For example this card)

Is there any Linux-Driver there, that allows me to use all Channels, the card supports?

Or is there any other card, that is Linux Compatible, under 500€ and supports a minimum of 4 Channels at 25 Frames per Second each in full PAL resulution?

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You should try the TW68v2 code from gitorious:

This works for our multi channel card that has eight Tw6805 ICs, there is a little issue at the moment for us, the video from some channels 'ghosts' onto some of the other channels, but I'm trying to work this out at the moment. I don't know if we are unlucky, have a faulty card, have a ground loop or something else... we've tried many things to fix this.

Choose a card that has as many TW68xx ICs as you want channels of capture, that way you can use one IC per camera and get 25/30fps from each channel.

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