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What would be the best way to encrypt a file in Ubuntu 12.04 but in a way that could be read by a Windows 8 user?

Would creating a Truecrypt volume work if I just sent the truecrypt file over?

Any other methods?

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freeotfe.org Works for luks volumes. And you can have files that mount with losetup on the linux side and freeotfe on the Windows side. –  hbdgaf Mar 18 '13 at 6:20
what is the point first to encrypt stuff, which later is readable in windows 8? any -seldomly- occuring windows malware hence can read all your data, right? sure you keep win8 clean ;) No offence intented, but I would really like to know what could be the reasoning behind this. I am quite glad that my Win cannot read my linux partitions –  humanityANDpeace Mar 18 '13 at 6:56

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Yes, you are good to go with TrueCrypt.

In case you want to encrypt the whole system drive you must refer this guide http://jan-krueger.net/development/truecrypt-system-drive-on-linux

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