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I did a clean install of Xubuntu that takes up the entire HDD.

Now I want to install BackTrack 5 on another partition.

I have tried Gparted both in Xubuntu and running Gparted live booting from a USB stick.

No matter what I try I can't seem to resize that mother. In Gparted Live from USB, no matter if the main (and only partition besides the swap) is activated or not, I can not move the side in the graphical partition editor nor enter a value in the numeral editor.

I though it could be done when installing BackTrack, but in "Advanced" in partitioning I can only find the option to format the partition.

Anyone has a good idea how I can do this?

My Xubuntu install is still fresh, so if I can get the option from a clean install to fully format and create several partitions while installing i can do that?

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Did a clean install and was able to resize partition to leave out space for Backtrack 5.

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