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I have a problem with my Dell system which requires advice!

I have a Dell Inspiron 14(3421) (i5, 1GB Nvidia graphics, 4gb RAM, etc.) which came pre-installed with Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

I made a Dell Ubuntu 12.04LTS recovery disk as they prompted to me the first time I powered-On my system. Then, I formatted the whole drive.

Then I installed my unused copy of Win-7-Pro-64bit. its working successfully without problems.

I wanted to load Ubuntu as the secondary dual boot OS to my system with Win-7 being Primary. So i tried the following:

1) I Used the Dell Ubuntu System Recovery Disk to install/load ubuntu 12.04 LTS. In the setup interface I selected "LOAD AND INSTALL ONLY MY UBUNTU PARTITIONS". I Created the ext4/ and swap for the installations,etc. Everything went on up to some distance.

But then the progress bar shows CONFIGURING and then setup stops and shows an error message that

"Installation has stoped/encounterd a problem/will not continue, Do you want to send error report?"

I couldn't proceed beyond that.

Why it is happening and how to solve it ?

2) Next I downloaded the fresh Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64bit from the Ubuntu website. I tied with USB installer and it proceeded some distance.

But when I select the option Install on Hard Drive/Try Ubuntu the screen goes blank and the same list of options appear again.

Why it is happening and how to solve it ?

Will installing the latest 12.10 will help in anyway?

Why did'nt the Dell Ubuntu recovery disk work?

What should I do ?

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