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I have 4 PCs running 10.10 and they all are configured with the same time servers. However, one of them was 6 minutes wrong and it obviously wasn't getting its time synchronized via the defined servers. I tried changing a few of those, but nothing short of a reboot would get its clock set properly. Any ideas what the problem may be?

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What happens if you use ntpdate manually on the problem system? – belacqua Feb 18 '11 at 22:51

Is there firewall preventing UDP traffic?

Also, NTP typically corrects time very slowly. You can try stopping your ntpd and run something like


And see what it outputs. If it's something like

17 Feb 20:03:13 ntpdate[3046]: adjust time server offset -311.135718 sec

then it fixed that offset successfully. After starting ntpd again should keep your clock synchronized.

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Nothing blocking UDP & all 4 PCs are on the same local network. The odd part is that the PC had been re-booted just a few hours before the time went so far awry. Another boot set it going straight & it's been in sync since yesterday, but if the problem should recur I'll try the stop & start NTP idea - thanks. – davedo2 Feb 19 '11 at 5:36

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