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I've got an older laptop (HP G62) that has Windows 8 as it's primary OS and I want to dual-boot it with Lubuntu. It does NOT come with Secure boot nor does it come with UEFI.

I've been looking at this guide ( and it says that I need to:

  1. Shrink the Windows partition

  2. Create a primary ext4 partition (using the free space) with the mount point set to /

  3. Create a swap (logical) partition

    Note: For me, it would be 6GBs.

  4. Choose the Lubuntu partition and click "Install Now"

I am 100% aware that the link that I provided does talk about Windows 7, BUT I have not seen any valid guide on how to dual-boot Lubuntu with Windows 8 on a laptop or PC without UEFI.

I have two questions:

  1. Will GRUB replace my Windows 8 boot loader? Windows 8 boot loader

  2. Should I make the main partition (/) primary?

I know this guide is for Ubuntu, but since they're pretty much the same I though this guide would work for Lubuntu users as well.

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That link is for dual-booting Win 7 and *buntu. Win 8 maybe quite different. Please use the search feature of Ask Ubuntu to find very similar questions and their answers. Providing details of your PC and how you installed Windows 8 may also be helpful. – user25656 Mar 17 '13 at 5:37
I am aware that the link is for Windows 7 but I can only find guides for Windows 8 that include secure boot. My laptop originally came with Windows 7 and I upgraded it to 8. I know there are some differences between the two, but it can't be that different... – Devon Mar 17 '13 at 16:23

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