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Cody again. I'm still sort of a noob at installing things so I need your help... Im trying to install hping3 and of course it's a .tar.gz file... I've looked everywhere even on here and no solutions... Please help!!

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AFAIK, it should be already available in Ubuntu repositories (12.10), so simply do this:

sudo apt-get install hping3

In case that it's really tar.gz, then you can extract it by using: tar -xvzf hping3.tar.gz

Then, you have to compile the source code, typically by using "make" command (you'll need installing the build tools):

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Take this as a hint ;-).

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the above answer is an easy and efficient solution but if you want to install through tar.gz first you need to extract is using

tar -xvvf [filename.tar.gz]

then you need to configure the source code contained in tar.gz with command


after that do

make install

to install your program and you are done.

PS: you need to be present in the specific folder extracted. that's all.

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