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I have an HTPC/server with two HDD's inside with lots of data on them and serving several web applications that I want to keep online as much as possible. Now I'm planning to move these two HDD's into a NAS and replace them by a single SSD.

Moving the data and applications from the HDD's to the SSD will probably take a few weeks (next to my other activities), so I would like to keep the original installation on the HDD's online while not working on the new installation on the new SSD.

I have an external USB enclosure in which I could fit the SSD drive. I could then simply connect it to my HTPC and reboot from there. Then perform some activities and when done for the day, reboot back to the original Windows installation on the HDD's and have my data and web applications online again.

I'm planning to install Ubuntu server on the SSD and extend it with XBMC for my HTPC activities.

Enough context for now... Is it possible to simply perform the installation on the SSD in the USB enclosure and when done, get it out of the enclosure and install it inside the HTPC using the SATA connections available?

Will I need to modify settings in my Ubuntu server installation to make this work? What modifications can I expect?

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If I understood correctly, you want to install Ubuntu OS in a disk that is connected via USB and then remove the disk from the case and plug it inside the pc? That should work as if you installed Ubuntu with the disk inside the server. –  David M. Sousa Mar 16 '13 at 23:25
That's correct. Don't you expect problems with references to e.g. /dev/sde1 that need to be moved to /dev/sda1? –  Hoppie Mar 17 '13 at 19:19
Indeed. I did not think about that. I am getting near swampy areas of disk knowledge here but if you install an OS, doesn't it consider the disk where the / is, the sda? If not, perhaps you could try to get your disks in the same order as the old configuration was. Sorry, I have reached my know-how limit :) –  David M. Sousa Mar 17 '13 at 23:15
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