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I attempted to install Ubuntu 12.10 on Oracle Virtual Box and I had difficulties. I am using a Windows 7 64-bit host machine. I set the VDI disk size to dynamic at 8GB and the Base memory at 644MB. I tried several network setting initially. However the last attempt was using a Bridged Adapter and it seemed to connect to the internet using the settings from the host machine (win 7 - 64 bit).

What else do I need to do after I install? How do I configure my Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop on Virtual Box. Are there any other V-Box settings to add?


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Usually NAT is the best choice in networking if you don't need to access the vm from the outside (ex: SSH, webserver, etc). The first step to improve usability and speed of Ubuntu in VBox is installing Guest additions. This should help you. –  Salem Mar 16 '13 at 17:06

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