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I'm pretty much completely new to Ubuntu but felt like I wanted to explore it to see what all the fuzz was about so I went through the hassle on installing it on a 32gb partition on my mid 2009 Macbook white but as the title suggests I'm having some trouble setting up my system post-install.

  • I'm not able to get WiFi working (I'm able to get internet through cable though).
  • Sound was working when running Ubuntu on the live CD but not when installed.
  • The trackpad is being all jerky and not at all as smooth in it's movements as in OS X.
  • I'm not sure if Ubuntu has got drivers for my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 9400M 256MB).
  • Is there any way to get the CMD-key to work as in OS X instead of using CTRL (I could get used to this but it's just a matter of comfortability).

As I said I'm completely new to Ubuntu so I will probably need quite detailed instructions on how to work out my problems, thanks in advance!

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