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How may I restore the windows for a given pid? It would be useful in some situations where the window of a certain program disappears (happens to me sometimes).

For example, every time when i'm heading to close hexchat, it shows a dialog for confirmation. If i click cancel, the window is gone anyway, but the process continues running in the background. ( I can pgrep it's id ).

Is it possible to restore the window, given I know the pid?

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Did you figure this out? This still happens occasionally to me - looks like they're having trouble fixing this one. –  uosɐſ Jan 17 at 0:54
I don't remember exactly. Had to come back to windows for a while. I think someone told me in the chat that it had been fixed on the development branch at the time. But if you say it still happens, then the bug is still there... Sorry not to be of any help. –  userEng15 Jan 17 at 12:33
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I find some manual. Try with

screen -r PID


screen -R PID
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If the process is simply in the background, perhaps this answer fits here too:

Use fg to bring the process back to foreground.

See the full answer for more instructions.

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