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Some people have suggested symlinking, but I have no idea how to accomplish that (despite Googling for quite a while).

Someone recommended using these steps:

Specs: 14" HP 4t-1000 SleekBook 4GB RAM 500GB Hard Drive 32GB SSD

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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You don't. The intel fakeraid caching option is not supported in Linux. If you want to install Ubuntu, you will have to do so either on a non cached volume of the hd, or on the ssd, and not have it cache the hd.

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So, do you mean I should install it on the HD and leave the SSD alone? – LupoWolf Mar 16 '13 at 5:44

Assumption: I guess that you don't have hybrid drive.

Then, you should normally see more partitions and are free to choosing how it will be organized. I would recommend installing the OS this way:

  • root partition ("/") on SSD
  • boot partition ("/boot") on SSD
    • If not working, try having the /boot on your HDD
  • for other huge data (like "/home") => HDD
  • consider having the "/var", "/tmp" also on your SDD
  • SWAP: if you're using hibernation, place it on SSD...otherwise, try buying more RAM and don't use swap at all
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