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I'm making a metapackage to install a number of packages that comprise my standard setup, like the package ubuntu-desktop. One package that I'd like to install is [Adobe Reader][1], which has a deb. I've added this deb to my custom repo (using reprepro), and it installs fine by itself. However, when I attempt to install the metapackage, which Depends on adobereader-enu, apt-get install metapackage says

metapackage: Depends: adobereader-enu but it is not installable

I suspect this is because adobereader-enu is i386-only, and this is a amd64 system. The metapackage itself is basically just a control file, so it's Architecture: all. I'm wondering if there's a conflict here, and if so, how to fix.

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It can't be done, unless adobereader-enu declares itself to be MultiArch: allowed or MultiArch: foreign.

Instead, create an i386-only metapackage, which depends on adobereader-enu, and is MultiArch: allowed.

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This looks good. I'm marking it correct without testing, and will report back later. – nfirvine Mar 26 '13 at 1:01

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