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I have two screens, one I'd like one to be left alone when I switch desktops.

I have my IDE open on a vertical monitor and then my main monitor I have email, browser etc. all open in their open desktops at full screen.

I'd like to switch between them as I do on a single screen set up, but leave my IDE visible regardless of what desktop I'm looking at.

My System:

  • Ubuntu 12.10
  • GForce 210 - Nvidia x installed and working
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel Core i5 processor.

Is this even possible?

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I've never been able to find a setting to easily do this using Ubuntu's Unity Desktop. Someone can correct me if it exists.

However, the Cinnamon Desktop does allow this. Cinnamon Settings->Workspaces->'Only use workspaces on primary monitor'

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Oo, cheers.Off to Google Cinnamon now!! – Beertastic Mar 22 '13 at 8:45

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