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Hi I am using a Dell inspiron 7520, I've got a i7 2.1ghz CPU with an AMD Radeon HD 7730m working on switchable graphic with an intel HD 4000.

I am using the computer on Linux only so there's no Window factor coming into the problem.

I am currently running on my Intel HD 4000 to work on laptop. My battery before I suspend by shutting the lid is at 4 hours or a little higher. when I shut the lid, I'm dropping at 2:30 hours or so. I notice something when I wake the computer, there is two lines that pops for a sec then I am in gnome. I have unistalled gnome-power-management, tried xfce4 and now I use laptop-mode-tools, I use also jupiter to help the battery a bit which helps before I suspend. I have also tried to hibernate, doesn't change anything. I turned myself toward the hybrid suspend, it was not a success obviously.More than that, I am running my interface on gnome-shell, at the moment I am using the gnome classic without effect interface which helps a lot when I have to play video game such as EVE online :) .

So what else could I try to make this work.

Thanks a lot =)

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I don't understand. When do you notice the power drop? After resuming? How many hours where you suspended? –  shakabra Mar 15 '13 at 5:21
when I resume, I loose half my battery life. I got an error -09 PM and another for DPM when I resume –  Jeff Labonte Mar 15 '13 at 13:23

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