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I'm trying to programmatically create a new blank Bazaar branch/repo, tantamount to running brz init. I've tried several different routes from the bzrlib documentation but so far haven't succeeded.

These failures are listed below:

from bzrlib import repository
r ='/tmp/testing')
r = repository.Repository.create('/tmp/testing')

from bzrlib import branch
b = branch.Branch.create('/tmp/testing')
b ='/tmp/testing')

All result in failures that /tmp/testing is not a branch.

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There's a nice convenience function hidden in there somewhere:

from bzrlib import bzrdir

Create a new ControlDir, Branch and Repository at the url 'base'.

This is a convenience function - it will use an existing repository if possible, can be told explicitly whether to create a working tree or not.

This will use the current default ControlDirFormat unless one is

I honestly don't remember how I found it. Probably by reading the code of a plugin.

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This is amazing. Thank you! – Marco Ceppi Mar 15 '13 at 16:11

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