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I really don't know where to look for help with this problem, so I'm starting here.

I am running a clean install of 12.10, on Gigabyte z68a-dh3-b3 mobo, Core i5 2500K, integrated Intel HD 3000 (Sandy Bridge). Dual Monitor setup; Samsung (1440x900) on DVI and Acer (HD 1080p) on HDMI.

Whenever the HDMI output is "active", i.e. Acer screen configured "On" in Display Settings, my wireless keyboard and mouse are very unresponsive - characters dropped while typing, and mouse super slow. When I configure the Acer screen "Off", everything immediately returns to normal.

The questions I have are is this an Intel Graphics driver issue ? A USB issue ? An Xorg issue ? Just don't know where to start.

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There's some weirdness with Sandybridge graphics right now. I have a Mini-ITX AsRock Z68 board + a 2500k, and I use the iGPU with all three displays connected (VGA monitor + DVI monitor + HDMI projector), with any one of them disabled at any given time since it can't drive all three at once. I too have some occasional stability issues that are hard to reproduce and aren't documented anywhere (though my wireless KB + mouse are fine).

12.04 was fine, but since going to 12.10 things have been tricky, and I eventually switched to 13.04 sources about a month ago because I wasn't having any luck. I've had the best luck with kernel 3.8.06; hopefully this will get straightened out in the relase version of Raring.

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Interesting, our configs are very similar. Do you run 64 or 32 bit ? I am on 64 bit. I'm leery of moving forward to 13.04 right now. Would the brand of wireless keybd/mouse matter ? Mine is Microsoft 800 wireless keybd/mouse. Maybe I should just move to 13.04 and see. – Gordon Mar 14 '13 at 20:27
I have a Logitech K360 and M310. They work well, but like I said, I have other issues completely unrelated to the mouse and keyboard. With Kernel 3.8.06, X occasionally locks up when I'm using 2D video acceleration (VLC or Skype), but that's it. – serilain Mar 14 '13 at 22:38

So I followed serilain's lead and moved on to 13.04, and confirm problem went away immediately. I cannot report if the solution was in the graphics driver, usb, or anything else.

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Good to hear! Unfortunately, 13.04 isn't supported here yet, but I think the lesson for now is not to take "stable" versions of xorg-intel or the kernel at face value unless they're in an LTS version ... it's like we already have rolling releases, we just aren't calling them that yet! – serilain Mar 15 '13 at 4:10
oh, and I forgot to mention above -- I'm on x64 too. – serilain Mar 15 '13 at 4:11

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