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I'm about to buy parts for a new home server and I'm planning on using Ubuntu(perhaps 12.04 LTS)

For the OS, I'll use an SSD. For cold storage(big files, rarely accessed), I'm planning on setting up Samba and an array of hard drives. Specifically, I'm planning on 4 Western Digital Green 3TB drives on a RAID 10 (ten) array.

Will the Ubuntu automatically spin the drives down if no programs are actively reading/writing? Does RAID make a difference? Are there any configuration setting I should know about?

Second, Any potential problems with my plan? 1 SSD for the OS and RAID 10 for 6TB of storage? I will need a GUI from time to time, so I might install the Ubuntu desktop version instead of the server version. (For work, I need a back-up desktop machine on occasion, so I need a GUI. I do not want to buy two machines.)

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