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I'm trying to set up my company's e-mail in Evolution (Exchange 2010). Some details:

  • connected to my company via openconnect (cisco vpn)
  • installed Evolution
  • installed evolution-ews
  • when setting up a new account in Evolution I select the server type 'Exchange Web Services'
  • I leave username like it is (in my case it's first name dot last name)
  • in Host URL I enter the server's URL (https://.domain.com/ews/exchange.asmx) and click on 'Fetch URL'

This is the moment where everything goes wrong; I get a pop-up asking Mail authentication request. In Unity I can see silver-shielded icon and the pop-up itself resembles the keyring application (seahorse). Text reads "Please enter the password for mail account".

I have tried the real mail account's password first, then username for the user on my Ubuntu and few other things but nothing. I cannot see any network connection to the exchange server (but it's correct to say that when the pop-up appears all typing on keyboard is disabled), no message in /var/log/auth.log, syslog etc...

Is there anybody else with similar experience? How have you overcome it?

PS: I can set up connection to Exchange via Thunderbird and it's extension 'ExQuilla', but I want to give Evolution a try.

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