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I installed dotfiles from a guy on GitHub ( I didn't like some of the customizations, so I tried uninstalling it by running

./ restore 

However... my bash command prompt seems to have turned into vim (or at least vim commands work now and I seem to have insert and command modes). How do I get my normal bash command line back? (I miss being able to do Ctrl+arrow to jump through words).

Probably a totally n00b question, but I'm just a young vim grasshopper at this point...

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edit: Read the post correctly

edit .bashrc and replace set -o vi on line 169 with set -o emacs. If this does not exist (due to the resotre command you issued) you can either log out and back in or type . ~/.bashrc

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Thanks Jan! To get the Ctrl+arrow stuff working, I also had to replace the .inputrc file: cp /etc/inputrc ~/.inputrc As mentioned here:… – Max Mar 13 '13 at 22:13

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