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Okay so I have seen a lot of similar issues but nothing exactly the same. I decided today to go from a WUBI installation to a full blown ubuntu-only install. I downloaded the 12.10 iso / burned it to a cd and then booted off of it. I followed the steps and got through the user information portion and was viewing the slideshow as it was "copying files...". It then froze at about 66%. No errors...just froze. I had to force-ably restart the machine and try again. Second time, same thing. Third time, same thing. I then got the 12.04 LTS version of ubuntu and tried. Same thing. I then read on here that I should check the md5 checksum of the iso's....check. I then decided to try re-burning the iso's....no good. I then tried the 32-bit versions. nothing. Every time it freezes 66% of the way through "copying files..."

I know its not the hard drive because I then decided to try to install Windows and it worked just fine. I'm getting pretty frustrated here as I am a rails developer and having a well working development environment in Windows is frustrating to say the least.

Please help!!

UPDATE: I read on here that I should uninstall the ubiquity slideshow. I did this and all I saw was "copying files" and then it froze like normal. There WAS a dump after a few minutes but I couldn't copy and paste it and it was frozen. There was nothing that stood out....just what seemed like a bunch of memory addresses and a trace of some sort.

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So I apologize for the waste of time. After debugging like crazy we determined that the system memory had gone bad. I hadn't considered it because it was a few months old (the "sweet spot" where your past worrying if its bad but it still could be). After re-installing the old memory I was able to install ubuntu without an issue.


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