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When using task switching in the default graphical mode of Ubuntu 12.04, if they are multiple windows of the same kind, eg. multiple Terminal windows, you can see them all together and select which one you want.

enter image description here

My problem is that the order of these windows is constantly changed. It follows the "last used" order. I want them in a fix order always; how can I do it?

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Very annoying feature. I asked the same question here… but unfortunately still no answer. – gumkins Jul 9 '14 at 14:54
This "issue" exists in 14.04 as well! These windows should really be ordered based on their relative positions on the screen, and desktops, when windows from more than one desktop are previewed. Only when one widow is placed closely on top of another (measured within a certain range of pixels) should the positioning of the preview depend on the "last used" rule. I would even make one more "tweak" to this rule: apply the regional language preferences, of "left-to-right" or "right-to-left" text, to decide which side of the screen is considered "first" -- the left, or the right. – PJ Singh Nov 4 '14 at 19:43
A possible solution would be to keep the windows in the order they were created, but at least keep them fixed in order. I would prefer a random but stable order over this mess, I feel like I'm constantly juggling screens around. – Minos Jan 14 at 14:35
I believe this would require changing the unity code. You might start here: – Elder Geek Feb 27 at 16:23
@naxa + there was this memory solution for desktop in gnome + currently this ended up in a quarrel about (what-was-that?) dbus and and else windows-manager-sects or what ?! + was there a beat-up-of-each-other ?! + this is no way for fanatics about the correct display-manager + – dschinn1001 May 4 at 7:59

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Rather than changing the unity codebase, you might consider using desktops to arrive at your desired result.

Example using Compiz Desktop Cube in CompizConfigSettingsManager

Open CompizConfigSettingsManager (ccsm) and change settings to match the following:



Open terminal 1

Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-ALT--> (right arrow) to go to the next desktop to the right.

Open terminal 2

Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-ALT--> (right arrow) to go to the next desktop to the right again.

Open terminal 3

Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-ALT-<- (left arrow) to go to the previous desktop containing terminal 2 (or twice to get back to terminal 1)

Another Option

Use the Viewport manager in CompizConfig SettingManager and assign a key combination to go directly to the desktop of your choices

Note: Thus far I've only been able to get 10 to work although 12 should be possible with this method. ccsm-3

Update: based on concerns expressed in comments:

Simply Right Click on gedit title bar and choose always on visible workspace...

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If I understand correctly this would left me with a need to use a different shortcut or clicky-way to task-switch. Can be done I guess. However how would I clone all the non-terminal windows I need which only normally have 1 instance to all the desktops, when I need or wish that interaction quick and possible between the terminal(s) and the other window(s)? – n611x007 Mar 3 at 19:32
How many instances do you need? Using the Viewport manager would give you up to 12. Keyboard activated. Is that "clicky"? – Elder Geek Mar 3 at 21:09
See also… – Elder Geek Mar 3 at 22:11
I think I was misunderstandable... Workspaces are enough. Let me try to put it like this. Hypothetical example. Before: 3 terminals, 't1', 't2', 't3', + 1 gedit window. I copy-paste to-and-forth between gedit and both 't1' and 't2'. Task switch order is bad. Aftter (applying your workaround): I have the 3 terminals on 3 workspaces 'w1', 'w2', 'w3' respectively, a gedit window on 'w1'. I need to copy-paste between gedit and both 't1' and 't2'. How do I copy-paste between 't2' and gedit on 'w2' the most comfortable way? – n611x007 Mar 4 at 15:47
I've had no issues copying and pasting between workspaces, so I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Since "the most comfortable way" is a matter of opinion rather than a measurable fact, you have my apologies but I don't think I can respond logically to that. – Elder Geek Mar 4 at 16:19

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