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i am going to develop a photo selling webapp, in that every user has options to upload there photos via ftp (ubunut 10.04 + vsftpd) , folder structure


/var/www/project/downloads_ftp_folder/user1_ftp_folder /var/www/project/downloads_ftp_folder/user2_ftp_folder /var/www/project/downloads_ftp_folder/user3_ftp_folder

for every user i am creating ftp folder and group


is my strategy is correct or not, how to create a super user so that he can manage all ftp_folder (eg user1_ftp_folder,user2_ftp_folder)

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Either add the super user to every group or

user1_group = user1, superuser

user2_group = user2, superuser


chown user1:user1_group user1_ftp_folder
chown user2:user2_group user2_ftp_folder
chmod 770 user1_ftp_folder

do not bother having user groups and just have a superuser group

supergroup = superuser

chown user1:supergroup user1_ftp_folder
chown user2:supergroup user2_ftp_folder
chmod 770 user1_ftp_folder
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