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I want to avoid any password prompt from Ubuntu (12.04) network manager. I just want that the application works silently with the network and password that I gived to it and prompt for password just if I clicked on connect, but no automatically. The problem is that sometimes when the connection fails for any reason (bad signal for example), the network manager ask again for the password.

This question has been asked in other threads, without a concrete solution or it is impossible to change this behavior of the ubuntu network manager?

I need this option because, I will have a machine running in a public place showing some multimedia staff and I don't want to have a password prompt window over my application if there is some network problem. By the other hand "Always on top" could be an option, but I switch automatically from one app. to other sometimes, so this complicate the things a little.


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I suspect you may also need to use the right click and "Edit connections" on the network manager icon, then check that the network you are using is set to "Automatically connect" and "Available for all users" –  David Mar 12 '13 at 2:49

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