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I set up a server using ubuntu with no gui. I need root for some tasks that I want to autorun on this server. Normally I would just use gksudo because autorun programs never seem to work with su or sudo. gksudo will not run because there is no gui on this server. I decided to install xubuntu-desktop on it but this slows it significantly. What is a way that i can run an autorun file as root without any need for a gui?

By autorun I mean I want to create a sh script that will startup on login. I want it to have root privelages and sh scripts dont work with sudo because they run all the code as the sudo password.

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what do you mean by autorun? – Thomas Mar 11 '13 at 18:58

Possible solutions based on the definition of 'autorun':

  1. Windows 'autorun.ini' files places in media root directories such as CDs or USB sticks. DO NOT RUN AS ROOT, EVER.
  2. Programs run when a user logs in: Running a script after the gui has loaded
  3. Programs run when the computer starts: How to run a script in boot as root
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