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Is there a way to prevent gedit from always opening a new "untitled" file when launched (at least when an other file name is passed either with Alt+F2 and gksudo)? It is borring to always have to click "don't save" for this null file with nothing typed in it. Thank you

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This is a bug as you can see here: and it doesn't look like it will be fixed because apparently, GNOME developers don't want users to run any application as root.

A work-around is to use "gksu" (or "gksudo") twice, like this:

gksu gksu gedit /path/to/file

You can make an alias so you don't have to run this twice. To do this, open ~/.bashrc and add this:

alias gksudo='gksudo gksudo'
alias gksu='gksu gksu'

Then, save the file and run this to source the ~/.bashrc file:

. ~/.bashrc
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Thank you Alin. It was fixed as of 2013-03-16 in gedit 3.7: just after this

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