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Using following articles,

  1. Testing MAAS
  2. Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure with MAAS and Juju

I tried to setup Ubuntu Server 12.04's private cloud in a virtual environment provided by KVM and virt-install.

I resolved several issues but now, this one is fooling me for several days :(

Unexpected Error interacting with provider: 409 CONFLICT

I get this answer in result of

juju bootstrap

I know that this means that the MaaS cannot allocate the needed nodes to bootstrap juju; but I checked all configurations several times. I also did not get any error while above articles processings! I've been added needed nodes and accepted them and now they're in commissioning state. My non-admin username in MaaS matches who runs juju and it's ssh key also matches.

I doubted the maas-dhcp server, so I even added a live-cd virtual machine and I saw in MaaS's syslog that it successfully can assign a new IP to the new virtual machine. I really do not know what problem can be :(

Anyway, does MaaS log anything about why it cannot allocate needed nodes?! if so, where is it?

Thanks in advance!

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The logs are located in /var/log/maas/ on your MaaS server.

The main log to check is /var/log/maas/maas.log

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