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When I'm using VNC, the screen goes black after an inactivity for around 2 seconds. If I move the mouse or press a key the screen goes back however this is very annoying. I have KDE 4.10 on both systems, I'm tunneling the VNC through the SSH connection (ssh -R5900:localhost:5900 myhost) from the server to my local computer.

I'm using x11vnc as a server and Tight VNC as a client.

I've tried different vnc clients (vinagre, real vnc, xvnc4viewer) but the issue remains. Also, I've tried different settings to x11vnc server (-sb 0 -nonap -noxdamage etc) but nothing works for me.

There is a thread on kubuntuforums with the same issue, but doesn't seem to be resolved.

Do any of you have some idea what can be causing this behavior?

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on the server issue the following command:

xset dpms force on
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