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I found out about byzanz-record which can record your desktop and get the result as a gif, flash or other, I want to make a GUI for personal use but I can't seem to get it working up until now I only have this

duration=$(yad --title "duration" --entry --text "please enter the duration in seconds")
x=$(yad --title "x possition" --entry --text "please enter the x posittion")
y=$(yad --title "y possition" --entry --text "please enter the y posittion")
with=$(yad --title "with" --entry --text "please enter the with")
height=$(yad --title "height" --entry --text "please enter the height")
name=$(yad --title "name" --entry --text "please enter the name or path for the file without the extension")

byzanz-record --duration=$echo $duration --x='$(echo $x)' --y='$(echo $y)' --width='$(echo $with)' --height='$(echo $height)' '$(echo $name)'.gif

as you can see I want to input the variables duration,x,y,with,height and name after the '=' sign in the command at the bottom, (OPTIONAL) if you can, can you tell me how to put the multiple windows in a form I have yad and zenity

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