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I've installed the Mint Display Manager (based on the old GDM2 code).

I'm looking for the most recent GDM2 theme that shipped with Ubuntu before they moved to LightDM, something that looks similar to this:

Ubuntu old GDM2 login screen

I've tried extensive Googling. No luck.

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Retro themes

You can download the old GDM themes from the old-releases repositories.

Your example looks like either the 8.04 GDM theme or possibly the 7.04 feisty fawn GDM theme.

These are debian package files. Inside the package is the Human GDM theme you are interested in.

To make these themes installable via mdmsetup you'll need to do some command-line work.

First extract the debian package:

dpkg -x [packagename] gdm

Next navigate to the Human theme folder

cd gdm/usr/share/gdm/themes/

Now lets create an archive file:

tar -cvf Human.tar Human
gzip Human.tar

This will create a .tar.gz file in this folder.

Run gksudo mdmsetup and navigate to this folder to locate the new archive file and install the theme.

This is the result in my virtualbox session using the feisty GDM package:


Linked Question:

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