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SERVER INFO Ubuntu 12.04 32bit on toshiba laptop connection ethernet

CLIENT INFO Powerbook g4 powerpc dual booting mac osx 10.5.8 and Debian wheezy KDE

PROBLEM I know that the server is working just fine because when booted into mac osx on the powerbook I am able to connect to the ubuntu server very easily.
When I reboot into debian kde and try to connect using dolphin, I go to "samba shares --> Workgroup" and after clicking on the "Workgroup" icon, dolphin just hangs and at the bottom right I see the error "connection time out"

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thank you.

I am able to connect to the server now using nautilus but I have to manually enter the ip address of the server. However I would like to be able to connect using dolphin.

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