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My problem slow boot time on Ubuntu 12.10.

I configured autostart and make booting a bit faster, but still 55s is too long for me to wait.

I used bootchart and got this: Stats

Do you guys have any ideas what may slow down my OS?

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Image can be hardly seen. Bigger one would be better. There could also be more services that autostart on boot that isn't really necessary. For example, bluetooth or CUPs. If you hardly use both, you could probably set it so it doesn't start on boot. – Marky Mar 9 '13 at 17:47
Definitely slow, my boot time is about 6 seconds but I have a SSD installed. Hard disks will always be the biggest bottle neck. – Meer Borg Mar 9 '13 at 18:27

Please right click on image and select "view image" then you will be able to view in almost HD.

I reinstalled my Ubuntu and did bootchart, now its only ~20s.
For now I have only Unity, last time I installed gnome-shell, so maybe it's fault.
I thought that gnome is less greedy in PC recources, but obviously not.

Do you see anything disturbing here or on


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