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My USB type is FAT32. I tried to solve problem using terminal (, but it gives me an error:

mount: special device /dev/sdb1 does not exist

How I can change permissions on FAT32 flash-drive?

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You can't change permissions for files on FAT filesystems. Your error suggests that you have specified the wrong device name. – nikhil Mar 9 '13 at 15:19
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Your are on the wrong track.

The message has nothing to do with a permission problem.

The problem is that the usb drive is not recognized below /dev/sdb1.

This may have two different reasons:

  1. The stick has no partition table. That means that the file system is on /dev/sdb (not the 1st partition). Try to mount instead /dev/sdb.
  2. The stick is assigned to another device name. Please have a look on the dmesg output just after inserting the stick.
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