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I've been struggling with this for quite a while.
I have no sound at all (system sounds, login sound, rhythmbox, vlc, youtube etc.)

  • The system detects my audio card (POD Studio UX2)
  • I've tried 'sudo alsa force-reload', nothing.
  • No sound through headphones either.
  • I've checked everywhere, nothing is muted.
  • System Settings > Sound > Test Sound also produces no sound

Note: POD Studio UX2 is an external audio card by Line6.

Can someone please help?

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run sudo alsamixer and make sure that your device isn't muted. – nikhil Mar 9 '13 at 15:26
I have already tried this, but I can't find a mute/unmute option – MorganSBailey Mar 9 '13 at 15:57
Looking at your screenshot, everything looks correct. It shows you a M instead of a numeric value to indicate if a channel is muted. Do you have pulseaudio installed? – nikhil Mar 10 '13 at 7:14
Yes, pulseaudio is installed. I don't know if that helps, but I can't actually mute anything in alsamixer (by pressing m) – MorganSBailey Mar 10 '13 at 12:08
I used to have problems with pulseaudio, you can try sudo chmod -x $(which pulseaudio). After this restart. Might work, might not. To revert the change you can do sudo chmod +x $(which pulseaudio) – nikhil Mar 10 '13 at 15:59

Audio trouble with Ubuntu some common checks

-- If you are using a laptop, your laptop may have a keyboard function to manipulate your sound.
Check that. Your laptop may have a keyboard control to mute, increase and decrease sound.
-- Please check your sound devices volumes are to a high level double click on the top right loudspeaker icon you will see a mixer
-- Please make common test from menu System->Preferences->Sounds

-- If you have two audio cards - please disable the on board audio card using BIOS setting, please check with this terminal command:

lspci | grep -i audio

-- Please be sure your pc are starting with the generic kernel press ESC at boot when you see the GRUB row then select the "kernel.... - generic" row
-- Please be sure all needed kernel modules are installed to make this check and install them:
So open a Terminal from the menu Applications->Accessories->Terminal and type:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r)

give your user password when requested, you don't see nothing when you type it, then press enter.

Then reboot your pc.

-- Be sure your user is member of audio group
Then open a Terminal from the menu Applications->Accessories->Terminal and type:

sudo adduser $(who am i | cut -d" " -f 1) audio
sudo chmod 660 /dev/snd/*

give your user password when requested, you don't see nothing when you type it, then press enter.

-- Please try to watch what audio cards are detected on your system please type: asoundconf list

if more than one sound cards is detected by your system to set the default soundcard

asoundconf set-default-card PARAMETER

change PARAMETER with the name of a one detected sound card

-- Please try to delete making a backup copy of this conf files
mv .asoundrc .asoundrc_old
mv .asoundrc.asoundconf .asoundrc.asoundconf.old
sudo mv /etc/asound.conf /etc/asound.conf.old

Please take a look at this

-- Please try to discover if there are any process they are keeping the /dev/dsp locked ps -edalf | grep -i dsp

kill them using this command:

kill -9 number_of_pid

If you microphone seems don't record your voice please open a terminal and type


and press tab to switch in view to [Capture] section, and then pressing space on mic and mic boost aid

If you are using Pulseaudio and you have some sound issue with sound apps please read

Hope this helps

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