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Hibernate is working fine. A bit slow when resuming from a hibernate but I can bear with it just so that I have all open applications on the desktop as I left it. Then again the "slowness" might be because of the 4GB RAM, although I'm assuming only what is used gets swapped and not the entire memory.

Has anyone been able to make Ubuntu show a splash screen or some kind of indicator/progress bar to show while hibernating or while resuming? I remember with SuSE on my HP Compaq Presario notebook it had messages appear during and after. Better than nothing, I guess.

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I have found the same thing with my laptop that has 4gb of ram. It is annoying there is no info/progress bar to give you a clue to what is happening. – Cas Sep 7 '11 at 22:55

I've never seen anything like that. Only "Splash screen" I've ever seen on Ubuntu has been the startup (And occasionally) the shutdown screens.

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You may use a replacement for pm-utils: s2disk/s2ram displays an hibernate percentage. It should belong to the uswsusp package.

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