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I previously installed Ubuntu 12.10 using Wubi but it heated up my laptop too much and my battery ran out in minutes, so I removed it.

Now I am trying to do a normal dual-boot install using 12.04, but it wont go further than the boot screen. I am booting from a USB and when I reach the boot menu it gives a beeping sound. When I click "Install ubuntu" or any other option there is another beeping sound, but the process doesn't go any further.

My specs: Dell Vostro 3450 , Intel core i5 2410M, 4 GB RAM with AMD Graphics and Win7 64 bit professional pre-installed.

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First MD5SUM the ISO you used to create the USB and recreate if necessary. Use nomodeset for your graphics card when you try to install. – bcbc Mar 9 '13 at 21:44

The first thing to check before installing Ubuntu along side windows 7 is your partition type. Because if it is dynamic then you can't install, so please check your partition type: just right click on my computer then select manage and then chose disk management. If the partition where your os is installed partition shows dynamic then convert it to basic and try to install Ubuntu again.

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