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I previously installed Ubuntu 12.10 using Wubi but it heated up my laptop too much and my battery ran out in minutes, so I removed it.

Now I am trying to do a normal dual-boot install using 12.04, but it wont go further than the boot screen. I am booting from a USB and when I reach the boot menu it gives a beeping sound. When I click "Install ubuntu" or any other option there is another beeping sound, but the process doesn't go any further.

My specs: Dell Vostro 3450 , Intel core i5 2410M, 4 GB RAM with AMD Graphics and Win7 64 bit professional pre-installed.

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First MD5SUM the ISO you used to create the USB and recreate if necessary. Use nomodeset for your graphics card when you try to install. –  bcbc Mar 9 '13 at 21:44
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