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I tried to install the Dual-OS, Ubuntu and Windows 8 by using a USB drive. I followed every step and finished installing Ubuntu, then it asked me to restart computer.

So I did and after reboot I took me to the same screen when I first want to download Ubuntu. Only show.

  1. Try Ubuntu without installing

  2. Install Ubuntu....

Is is supposed to show me a selection of either Ubuntu or Windows to run? I have Ubuntu run along with Windows on my Laptop, and I never had this problem.

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Did you remove USB drive? If your boot priority set to USB you will not enter the Grub before remove it. – Ramil Muratov Mar 9 '13 at 7:40

Where did you install your boot loader? If you installed it in a different drive than windows, use BCedit to add a boot entry. Otherwise follow your boot order as mentioned above

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