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One of those things that I like in Ubuntu 12.10, is that for some reason my ntfs partition is automatically mounted on boot, without having to use some application like ntfs-config.

However, it's not mounted "when I need", because (for example), I have a symbolic link of my Dropbox folder (which is originally placed in that ntfs partition). Therefore, when I login, the Dropbox is started first than the ntfs filesystem is mounted, and I find that error that the Dropbox folder is not found. If I exit dropbox and start again, it works fine then (because the filesystem is mounted by then).

How can I do to prevent this?

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had the same problem. Ubuntu loads applications in alphabetical order, so changing the name in Startup will solve your problem. Hope it helps you.

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Changing the name of what to what? The auto-mount is not an application, therefore is not in startup applications. – Tiago Mar 17 '13 at 15:36

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