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I am trying to print a custom paper size of 105.00 inches x 23.39 inches (the GLDT for my office :D). Whenever I try a custom paper size, the job sits in the queue with the message Processing - Not Connected?

If I print to a standard paper size, it prints no problem. I am printing to an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and have tried IPP, LPD, and Socket 9100 works best, but still no go on custom paper size jobs with any of these. I have tried a variety of custom sizes. Printing is not a problem when selecting existing paper sizes. I am using the only available drivers which seem to be available Epson Stylus Pro 9900 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.8-pre1 and come in 12.04 no problem.

The only manual solution I can come up with is to edit the picture and make separate pages and print them out to scale as much as possible and piece them together...bleh.

Anyone aware of a fix? I did much rather have a working solution than manual labor. Thanks.

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hm - it is difference about gimp 2.8 and gimp 3.x (upwards) ... gimp is eatening itself up like a cannibal zombie ... on dual-boot with windows. –  dschinn1001 Jun 5 at 4:11
@Braiam thanks, didn't help. Even when making my custom plotter size settings into a "standard/preset" format I could choose from. :( –  TryTryAgain Nov 6 at 22:08
long shot, but is that thing postscript compliant? I had an old brother that would do the same thing. Only way I resolved it was switching to a postscript driver. (I'd look myself, but as it would seem, the Epson Americas site is down for maintenance) –  Matt Barnes Nov 11 at 6:48

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